Thursday, September 9, 2010

Scrapmaster Week 1

After a busy few nights I have completed my first week of to wait till tomorrow night to see if I progress to week 2

Challenge #1 Scrap you I wasn't sure what to do but I came up with this..bit different but I like the way it turned out!
The journalling
Challenge #2 Use the colours green, purple, yellow and white with 2 photo's...thought this went well with Khloe's first painting, it looked better in my head than they way it came out.
A close up
Challenge #3 Explain about family pet..and of course I had to do the dogs (real & toy) mainly about Shiraz..I think this turned out ok...after changing it 55 times one afternoon, just couldn't get everything on that I wanted to..eventually I did!
Tags pulled outThe story...
Now I had better go and clean up my mess before Dave and Khloe get home from Donnybrook..apparently she had a melt down in the hardware store (LOL) and he had to bribe her with the park...think he just wanted to go deep down!
Till next time

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